About Us

Technical Advisory Service, which entered the IT market under the brand TECH A.S., was founded in 2018.
The main goal of our company is the professional and qualitative fulfillment of obligations to our Clients and Partners.
Being the Technical master in the IT field – main aim of our company.

Our mission

Any task irrespective of its complexity, must be met in agreed time, in full and at the highest level.
Professionally accomplished work – that’s the key to success.
All our efforts are aimed to develop long-term partnerships with our Customers.

Our Principles

We are a team that has a common aim!
We are not afraid of complicated and non-standard tasks.
We develop the potential of opportunities that enable us to implement planned strategies.
We always try to achieve the highest results in solving the tasks.
We establish close and productive relationships with our Customers and Partners.
We are masters of our craft!

Our Values

Professionalism – an important indicator of our Company activity, a guarantee of stability and sustainability. We find the best software, technologies and business solutions. We choose the best specialists and Partners! We constantly work to optimize costs and find new, interesting solutions.

Responsibility – is the foundation of our company’s reputation. We are responsible for what we do, who we work with, what goods and services we offer. We do everything necessary and provide expected result. We bring tasks to the end and fulfill our obligations. Our reliability encourages others to choose our services and solutions.

Trust – is our priority! Trusting partnership, based on openness, close cooperation and care of the interests of the Customer over the long term.

Solutions and Services


Delivery of legal software, services and equipment

IT infrastructure

Development and implementation of IT infrastructure projects

Network infrastructure

Development and implementation of projects on network infrastructure construction


Development and implementation of projects on cybersecurity

Project evaluation

Suppliers, contractors, and projects valuation

Cybersecurity audit

Comprehensive assessment of the company's security

Cyber Risk Management

Cyber risk management includes two main components: assessing the risk and implementation of the risk management process

Ethical Hackers Services

Penetration testing, verification of protection against social engineering attacks, software security assessments

Conformity Assessment GDPR

Conformity assessment of personal data management processes in the company, according to requirements of general regulation on data protection (General data Protection Regulation)

Control of Cyberresistance

Includes development and implementation of business continuity management processes in terms of resistance to cyber incidents

Investigation of Cyberincidents

Investigation of cybersecurity incidents. Defining insiders, information leak channels, data recovery, intruders action analysis

Staff training

Raising awareness of staff aspects of cyber risk and cyber defence. Сounteraction to social engineering. Training of engineers on information security aspects of exploitation technical means of protection

Partners and Statuses


Телефон: +38 098 630 20 83
E-mail: info@techas.com.ua
Ukraine, Kyiv
Mykhaila Drahomanova St, 20
office 200